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Helpful resources that go beyond your workout

Spin shoes

If you're in the Spin room often and are looking for a way to maximize your workout, we highly recommend looking into a good pair of Spin footwear. Most of our Instructors wear TIEM or Bontrager . These comfortable sneakers will clip into our peddles and give you complete control of your ride. PS Don't forget to grab your SPD clips!

Looking to shop local? Check out REBELS Bike shop in town and ask them about ordering you a pair of Bontragers! Customer service is GREAT.

Click photo to check out TIEMS.


Great post workout options

When it comes to post workout you want to refuel your body. A perfect snack would consist of protein and carbohydrates. Protein is essential for rebuilding your muscle post workout and the carbohydrates will need replenishing. 

Some great options are:

-Apple and nut butter (or peanut butter)

-Whole Grain toast with banana and peanut butter (Ezekiel bread is my fav! You can find it at Dumais Market)

-Greek yogurt and berries

-Protein powder and fruit (smoothie)

-FitSnack Alani Nu bar

-Eggs and whole grain bagel

-Quest Protein chips 

Our favorite place to shop for healthy post workout snacks? Dumais Market


Nutrition plans

I'm writting this from a personal point of view. I've been through countless "meal plans" and "diets" and never found one that was sustainable or even attainable to follow for a long period of time. Personaly, Every time I would start a new nutrition plan, it would take me two steps back, I hate being told what I can eat, and what I cant.

I decided to work with Junior at Simply For Life Campbellton because I wanted someone who could reassure me that I was doing something right, and someone who would encourage me to want to eat to feel good.. Our time together wasn't very long but the small bites of advice I got for him will last a life time. His meal plan is REAL and doesn't make you "hangry" the entire time. His motivation behind you is what really got me, he is absolutely wonderful at what he does and has a serious yet fun way of making you WANT to do well.

Even after our days working together Junior continues to offer a smile, advice and friendship every time I walk into that market.

100% HIGHLY recommended if you're having a hard time with your nutrition, if you need someone there cheering you on nutrition wise or if you just want someone to talk nutrition about. 

(506) 759-8446

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