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A Spin Class for Older Adults

This type of class is designed to require less energy from your body than our All Level classes.  This class is for someone who wants to Spin but isn't interested in high energy or high intensity styled classes. If you want to enjoy the low impact benefits of Spin and increase your strength for everyday living, this is the class for you  

Stars Nov 16th

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to ride with us at EL


This 4 week program is for ​beginners or new riders who are looking to:

-Get  back into fitness 

- Experience the benefits of a stationary bike without the intensity

- Build strength in their body to keep independence

-  Have fun in a Group Fitness setting 

-Enjoy a fun class with zero intimidation 

You might be wondering

Spin classes are well known as high energy. At EL we want your Spin class to be based on your goals.


Don't worry about finding the energy, once you are there, it will come naturally!

The instructors are extremely motivating and combined with the lights and music, you’re in for a party! The energy is contagious, we promise! 


There is no level of fitness required to start

You'll be in control of the efforts of the class. The instructor will motivate you to grow and encourage you to try new things, but you will always have the option of just peddling. If others are climbing and you want to simply enjoy the ride, that will also be encouraged!


You'll notice an increase in leg strength

As an older adult, it’s imperative to preserve your muscles and build on the strength you already have. A decline in muscle mass is a part of the aging process, but you can still take preventative measures to combat its effects. You need your legs for walking, balance, stability, and doing everyday things such as sitting in a chair and getting back up. With spinning, this gives you the ability to stay independent longer — which is really the long-term goal!

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