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Locations privées corporatives

Nous savons tous que lorsque nos employés sont heureux, le travail est un endroit meilleur et plus productif. La connexion humaine est l'une des plus grandes choses que les gens recherchent en matière d'emploi, et nous sommes là pour vous aider ! Venez  reconnecter avec votre équipe, en dehors du bureau à notre Studio.

Un employé en bonne santé est aussi un employé heureux, alors pourquoi ne pas encourager votre équipe à bouger! Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter nos "classes corporatives". Réservez une session de spin privée (jusqu'à 16 membres) pour votre équipe.

Pendant votre séjour au Studio, vous bénéficierez d'une balade édifiante (pour tous les niveaux de forme physique) et terminerez avec un bon temps de recharge et aurez la possibilité d'avoir une petite "Happy Hour" où vous pourrez socialiser vos coéquipiers et profiter d'une récupération avec une dégustation de shake de protéines.

Nous proposons également des locations privées pour tous les groupes souhaitant louer notre salle.  À ce jour, toutes nos locations privées ont été un énorme succès!


Basic Spin Rental

Experience the thrill of our basic rental, offering a dynamic 30 minute spin class that includes both a  warm-up and cool down. Our dedicated team will guide you through the setup of your bike, ensuring you're comfortable and ready for a safe, fun and enjoyable ride on our Spin/stationary bikes.


Each rental provides a generous 1-hour slot, giving you the perfect opportunity to fully enjoy the spin class along with the added perks. Personalize your experience by 'decorating' the room to create the ambiance you desire and by curating a playlist with your favorite tunes to accompany your spin journey.


Book now and embark on an hour of fitness, fun, and customization in our spin studio. Your ride, your way!"

Package price $175

Max 17 guest


Spin Room Rentals

Super Spin Rental

Our Super Rental package, offering a fun uplifting 45-minute spin class complete with a comprehensive warm-up, cool down, and personalized bike setup guidance.


Enjoy an extended 1 hour and 15-minute rental slot.

Personalize the ambiance by opting to 'decorate' the room and curate a playlist filled with your favorite songs to enhance your ride.


As a special treat, the Super Rental includes a small, half-size protein snack after class, ensuring you refuel and replenish post-workout.


Book now to indulge in the ultimate spin session with added perks, where every detail is tailored to make your experience truly exceptional!


Package price $200

Max 17 guest


All Out Spin Rental

The All Out Rental delivers  the ultimate 45-minute spin class featuring a thorough warm-up, extended "feel good" cooldown, and personalized bike setup guidance.


Indulge in an extended 1 hour and 30-minute rental slot, providing ample time for a deeply immersive fitness experience. Personalize your surroundings by choosing to 'decorate' the room and curate a playlist filled with your favorite tunes to elevate your spin adventure.


But that's not all—this exceptional package also includes a generous full-size protein snack to refuel your energy levels. After the workout, relish in moments of connection with your group. Socialize, take pictures, and make memories in a post-class gathering.


Book the All Out Rental now for an unparalleled spin session where fitness, fun, and camaraderie seamlessly come together for an unforgettable experience.


Package price $235

Max 17 guest


Basic Rental

Indulge in our Basic l rental package, featuring a dynamic 30-minute class designed to cater to your preferences. From weight lifting and heart-pounding circuit training to the intensity of cardio and HIIT, or the gentleness of low-impact training and soothing stretching with mobility work — the choices are yours.


We specialize in tailoring workouts to your unique needs, ensuring a personalized  experience. Let us customize a workout that suits you perfectly. 


Package Price $175

Max guest 20

Studio 2 and 3 Rentals

Best Rental 

Open the full potential of your event with our comprehensive 45-minute rental package, thoughtfully designed for a holistic experience. The session includes a 30-45-minute class of your choice, followed by a delightful 15-minute moment tailored to your preferences.


Cap off your session with tranquility as we guide you through a rejuvenating stretch and feel-good moment. Alternatively, foster connections within your group by choosing to mingle, capture memorable moments with photos, and simply have a great time together.


As a special touch, we're pleased to include a small post-class snack to enhance your overall experience.


Elevate your event with this all-encompassing rental package — where fitness meets relaxation and connection!

Package Price : $215

Max guest 20-25


Children event rentals

At our studio, we're passionate about instilling the value of movement in the younger generation. That's why we're delighted to offer a special discounted rate for any event involving children under 17.


With this package, you'll enjoy a 45-minute rental, allowing the young ones to partake in a workout of their choice. Whether it's an active session filled with energy or a more relaxed approach, we're dedicated to fostering a love for movement in a fun and engaging environment.


Package Price $100

Max guest 

17 in Spin Room

20-25 in Studio 2/3

More Opportunities

At request we can tailer your rental to the needs of your group.

Send us a message to see what is possible.

We offer off site presentations, workouts and more. Email us for more information

Demandez une location privée

Tous les forfaits peuvent être modifiés pour répondre aux besoins de votre groupe. Pour vous renseigner sur nos locations privées, veuillez nous envoyer un e-mail en soumettant les informations ci-dessous. 

Merci d'avoir soumis !
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