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Walk Out Stronger

Sweat. Smile and Feel Good

EL Wellness Studio provides multiple group fitness classes. We offer a fun, comfortable atmosphere you can be confident that you will leave feeling stronger. With two studios, you will have the opportunity to find a class that suits your health and fitness needs! 


Our Team

Our team is made up of multiple personalities that bring their own unique strength to class. We are driven, passionate and ready to lead you through the fitness experience

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Enjoy a fun upbeat workout on our new commercial grade indoor cycling bikes. With the different types of classes, you will ride to the beat of the music, climb hills, hit intervals and speed as fast as you can

Step Up

STEP UP is an all level class. Modifications are displayed to meet different fitness levels as well as "step it up" options to make the class more advanced. It is a 30 minute cardio conditioning class that uses the power of a step to maximize your burn. You will have 3 blocks of work with short recovery


Barre is a mix of ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, Dance, Yoga and Strength Training. It can get intense but it's fun! You will get to shake your hips and dance.

Barre will improve your balance, build strength, improve your flexibility and stability all while keeping it low impact!


You can expect a lot of positive affirmations in this class ! All levels


This type of training consist of high intensity intervals with loud music! Your own body weight will allow you to reach your max effort in these classes. Every class consist of different intervals with new movements allowing your body to constantly improve and build lean muscle. This cardio, fun and intense workout will burn fat while making you smile! An all level class (with modifications for beginners and advanced participants).

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