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Glowing Skin is in 🕶️

What's inside matters, and thats why we choose SUNNA at EL.  SunnaTan prides itself on creating products with clean & functional ingredients. Each product has an ingredient list and breaks it down whether an ingredient is organic, natural or naturally derived. We are as transparent as possible. Our tanners do not have any synthetic bronzers and have an amazing light citrus scent. No nasty tanning Self tanner here and no clothing and sheet stains! Our exclusive all-natural tanning formula works with each unique skin tone to deliver a flawless glow.

Post Tan

Your Professional Sprat Tan Artist will provide you will all the proper information during your apt to make sure you maximize your tan.

Here are some commentary asked questions: 

How long do I have to wait until I can shower?

We recommend waiting a min of 12 hours. Your tan will continue to develop for up to 24h. While your tan develops, scrub your palms only when washing your hands. Do not rest your fingertips on your face or body, and limit skin-to-skin physical contact with others to avoid colour transfer.

Can I workout with a Spray Tan?

While your tan is developing, avoid any activity that would result in sweating

Can I shave with my Spray Tan?

You can still shave while you have a tan; however, we do not recommend doing it daily. Always use a new razor and use a hydrating natural oil or cleanser to act as a buffer between the razor and your skin.

Will Washing my body wipe away my tan?

Use mild hydrating body wash for the duration of your tan. Do not use soaps and body wash with synthetic fragrances.

How can I keep my tan the longest?

Moisturize twice a day with sunless tan friendly products that are alcohol & synthetic fragrance free. Use SunnaTan skin care products that are specifically designed to help extend the life of your spray tan.

When will my tan start to fade?

Depending on your post tan care anywhere from 5-10 days. When your tan is beginning to fade, use our SunnaTan Exfoliating Mitt to help even out your skin tone and prep for your next airbrush tan.

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